Mounting Adapters: ValvACT, Inc. is available to design and supply valve actuator mounting adapters. Our employees have had extensive experience with design of actuator mounting sets. Allow ValvACT to supply the design and fabrication of your rotary valve actuator mounting requirements.

Automation: ValvACT, Inc. can provide fully automated valve packages. We’ll also test to your specifications. Allow ValvACT to automate your valve requirements including the actuator, the valve, the indication and controls.

Control Component Selection: ValvACT, Inc. is available to help with control component selection for operation and indication of both HyRAV and aira actuators. With Fluid Power Specialist Certification, current since 1995 via IFPS, International Fluid Power Society – The International Organization for Fluid Power and Motion Control Professionals, we are qualified to properly select system components. Allow ValvACT to select your system components for you.

Control System: ValvACT, Inc. is available to help create or upgrade your current control systems to meet your company’s growing needs. Utilizing our  valve automation service, precision instrumentation and the latest CM4 control module technology from Pleiger Maschinenbau-GmbH, ValvACT can provide a turn key control system solution for any size application.

About Hydraulic Valve Actuators

Hydraulic actuators use a pressurized fluid to control valve movement. The hydraulic fluid used is either water or oil and is fed to either one or both sides of a piston to cause movement. Hydraulic valves provide for automatic and semi-automatic valve operation.

The advantages of hydraulic actuators include:

 More powerful than a pneumatic actuator of the same size
Precise control of valve position
Incompressibility of the fluid, which means very little energy is lost during operation

Hydraulic actuators are often used to operate the main stop and control valves for high-pressure steam turbine piping. The actuator’s ability to operate the valve against the high-pressure steam, as well as the ability to quickly shut the valve on the loss of control oil, makes hydraulic actuators well suited for this task.

ValvACT is the sole North American agent and distributor for Pleiger Maschinenbau-GmBH.

ValvACT is the only U.S. distributor of the HyRAV Series Hydraulic Valve Actuator.

ValvACT is the only North American distributor for aira Euro automation pvt. ltd.

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