ValvACT, Inc. – Valve Actuators & Valve Actuation Solutions

ValvACT, Inc. is a new company with a goal to provide dependable fast lead times, at a competitive price, with reliable product and features our customers can value. Consider ValvACT for your Valve Actuator Solutions.

Valve Actuation: At ValvACT, Inc. we specialize in valve actuation solutions. Since 1990, our employees have been specifying and supplying actuation and control systems. Allow ValvACT to offer your next valve actuator solutions.

HyRAV: Quarter turn hydraulic actuators.
The HyRAV brand hydraulic helical gear valve actuators manufactured by eckart provide high torque in a compact size. Multiple torque outputs in both double acting and spring return options are available, as well as options for a self-contained, locally mounted Hydraulic Power Unit. Our initial stock of HyRAV double acting hydraulic actuators will be kept at our Houston, TX warehouse with back up supply being stocked at IC-Fluid Power, our distribution partner’s warehouse in Ohio.  Shipments available beginning in November, 2016. Allow ValvAct to size the best actuator for your valve application.

aira Valve Automation:  Quarter turn pneumatic actuators and valves, as well as linear and diaphragm actuator operated control valves.

aira provides a complete line of pneumatic rotary actuators, ball valves, butterfly valves, control valves and automation accessories.  ValvACT’s is stocking aira actuators now, in a wide range of torque offerings.  Allow ValvACT to supply to your requirements. 

Mounting Adapters: ValvACT, Inc. is available to design and supply valve actuator mounting adapters. Our employees have had extensive experience with design of actuator mounting sets. Allow ValvACT to supply the design and fabrication of your rotary valve actuator mounting requirements.

Automation: ValvACT, Inc. can provide fully automated valve packages. We’ll also test to your specifications. Allow ValvAct to automate your valve requirements including the actuator, the valve, the indication and controls.

Control Component Selection: ValvACT, Inc. is available to help with control component selection for operation and indication of both HyRAV and aira actuators. With Fluid Power Specialist Certification, current since 1995 via IFPS, International Fluid Power Society – The International Organization for Fluid Power and Motion Control Professionals, we are qualified to properly select system components. Allow ValvACT to select your system components for you.



POWER Power plants (coal, gas, oil, nuclear)
Hydroelectric power plants
Geothermal power plants
Solar thermal power plants
Biogas power plants
OIL & GAS Exploration, offshore
Tank farms
WATER Steel hydraulics construction
Water treatment plants
Sewage treatment plants
Drinking water distribution
INDUSTRIAL & SPECIAL SOLUTIONS Shipbuilding & submarines
Chemical / pharmaceutical
Food industry
Air conditioning
Steel mills

ValvACT is the only U.S. distributor of the HyRAV Series Hydraulic Valve Actuator.

ValvACT is the only North American distributor for aira Euro automation pvt. ltd.

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